We source our raw materials from a wide range of places. For fabrics, these include:

Trade suppliers, who provide fabric directly to upholstery and furnishing businesses. We work with a small but fabulous range of suppliers we feel inspired by. Essentially, you find something that you love via websites or showrooms, and then order the fabric through us:

Signature Prints, the home of the extraordinary Florence Broadhurst collection. The small, dedicated team at SP lovingly hand prints most of their fabrics. So far, we’ve seen less than 1/4 of the entire collection in print but the company is progressively releasing new designs. Signature Prints makes a range of high quality fabrics and wallpapers, and can also produce fabric prints in just about any colour that you might require.

Sparkk, a groovy design and digital printing house that specialises in producing vibrant fabrics suitable for just about any purpose. From multicoloured wildlife to simple geometric prints, technical drawings to whimsical sketches, their inhouse range is both vibrant and gorgeous. Sparkk also handles custom print jobs, so if you have a particular design of your own that you’d like to see on your Lost & Found furnishings, this is one of the companies we’ll be working with.

Unique, an elegant company producing a limited selection of designs in a range of vibrant colours. We particularly like their inhouse Magic Roundabout and Iman range They also stock a range of other lines including the Andrew Martin range, which includes the ever so stylish Archive and Spectator collections. If you see something you’d like, we can order it in for you.

Boyac, one of the many Rushcutter’s Bay trade suppliers who can supply us with a fabulous range of designers. We totally love some of the whimsical prints by Italian designer Luciano Margrato (for Fornasetti) and the striking geometric designs in the Metaphores collection. We also love Boyac’s Friday Files blog, which is full of interesting snippets about furnishing trends and techniques.

Elsewhere in Rushcutter’s Bay we can’t go past the glorious range of collections at Elliot Clarke. In their showroom we spy lushly exotic designs by Alhambra, vibrant, hyper-colour textiles by Lee Jofa and incomparable wildlife prints by GP & J Baker. This is only the tip of the iceberg; they’re an excellent source for trade supply of amazing fabrics so take the time to dig in and browse their collections.

Of course, we also frequent retail suppliers, who have stores dedicated to supplying smaller quantities directly to the consumer.

Want to see your fabrics on our pieces? Email us and let us know!

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