The Lost and Found Office is an innovative arts practice based in southern NSW, Australia. Consisting of Ben Chapman and Bobby Cerini, the duo works collaboratively with designers, artists, filmmakers and curators to salvage and transform vintage objects, reclaim interesting spaces and develop unique arts-based experiences and events.  The practice developed from an initial process of salvaging discarded furnishings and making them new again, by the introduction of vibrant design, unique fabrics, cross-disciplinary collaboration and skilled craftsmanship. It continues to evolve as a partnership, a service, a collective and a philosophy.

The practice is currently based in Queanbeyan, NSW. It’s a member of the Artists Shed (a unique, community-based arts organisation) and was formerly a tenant at historic Benedict House, where it curated art spaces, had open studios and ran the café.

The Lost and Found Office recycles and regenerates whatever it can, minimising waste, maximising returns to our local communities and celebrating and exploring the clever, beautiful history of human-made things.

Read on for more about our mission, values and activities!


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Our mission

To salvage, collaborate and transform.

Here at the Lost and Found Office we:

  • Find items, spaces and places that are discarded, cast off or lost from view;
  • Collaborate with artists, designers, curators, performers and clients;
  • Transform our finds into desirable, one-off statement pieces and experiences that shine in their form and function.

Our business is a philosophy as much as a practical enterprise, enabling discarded but high-quality artefacts from our constantly-consuming world to be recycled and remade into unique authentic and collectible treasures.

It is also an art practice, based on investigating, re-making and restoring meaning into once-fashionable things. Our multi-disciplinary practice allows us to tell unique stories about our world, while exploring consumerism and the value of authenticity and the individual.

We specialise in eclectic collections including:

  • Unique art spaces and events
  • Vintage furnishings, lovingly re-made: current lines are of refurbished chairs and lampshades
  • Textiles based on visual and photographic art, working in collaboration with other professionals
  • Food experiences, based on a philosophy of sharing and packed full of colour and flavour

About us


We’ve developed photographic textiles for upholstery, drapery, lampshades and clothing


We currently have studios at Bredbo, historic Benedict House and the Artists Shed

2013-12-15 18.14.40


We tell the stories of people and places through lighting installations and textiles


We reclaim vintage pieces to give them new life


We work collectively to share the clever, beautiful history of human endeavour.

Contact us at:

lostnfoundoffice @ gmail.com

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