A change of pace

We’re sorry to say that due to a sudden change of circumstance the Lost and Found Office is temporarily not able to take any new orders, sales or event bookings.
Sadly, our current art spaces, studios and café at Benedict House will be moving out at very short notice. This historic building, which we’ve been curating, is finally closed to the public, making way for private leases and office space.
Where there once was vibrant art, Friday film club, delicious regional food, eclectic music events and glorious textiles there is now….photocopiers! accountants! and a lot of empty walls.
In fact, the whole thriving arts community centred briefly around Benedict House will also be moving within weeks. Adjacent premises have been sold and the Artists Shed, which offers low cost studios, art lessons and workshop spaces is also going. We don’t know exactly where to yet, but if you know of interesting spaces just waiting for a creative makeover and suitable for  artists and makers, please let us know.Want to stay abreast of where we’ll be next? All future news will be posted here on the Lost and Found Office blog.
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We’ll be back in 2015 after we are done with all the moving.


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