The Filmstaden set

handmade-custom-photographic-lampshade-and-cushion-created-by-Bobby-Cerini-Kath-Hagan-derived-from-images-by-Peter=Lindberg-Sigrid-Lundberg-of-Filmstaden-Sweden-licensed-under-creative-commons-Flickr “A film is, or should be, more like music than fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings. The theme, what’s behind the emotion, the meaning, all comes later.” Stanley Kubrick What a pleasure! Working with a family to create a unique gift, which immortalises a holiday to Sweden and celebrates an important place for their aspiring young son, who now commences his own journey. The holiday snaps weren’t quite high resolution enough for this project, so we scoured the Flickr treasure trove for photographers who had also been to Filmstaden, the iconic Swedish film studios. We discussed the images with the family, to choose those that were strongly evocative of their experience. Then we contacted the photographers to see whether we could license them under Creative Commons. Ultimately, the cushion artwork was created from a moody shot taken by Peter Lindberg, capturing the neon Filmstaden sign against a darkening sky. The lampshade artwork is based on a clever image by Sigfrid Lundberg, taken from inside Filmstaden’s plate glass, looking out onto the street. The image has been mirrored four times, creating a sense of motion and symmetry within its slightly crooked frame. We imagine that in winters to come, these image-objects will be a source of comfort, illumination and warmth, but also of remembrance. We have found this process of collaboration enlightening: difficult, time-consuming, full of effort and often anguish as we have struggled to find and make exactly the right thing. But the end result is powerful, beautiful, perfectly representative of our craft and all that we are trying to achieve. Most of all, we love the sense of hope, love and joy these parents have for their boy, and knowing that he will take them with him in this new and grown-up form. DSC00956 DSC00959 DSC00972 DSC00953 DSC00947

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