The art of furnishing


the-lost-and-found-office-presents-eclectic-collection-artworks-home-furnishings-homewares-and-design-featuring-work-by-Ben-Chapman-Bobby-Cerini-Alicia-Kane-Ric-Bennett-Dennis-Mortimer“There is no society ever discovered in the remotest corner of the world that has not had something that we would call the arts. Visual arts – decoration of surfaces and bodies- appears to be a human universal.” Stephen Pinker

As we start to focus our minds on our new role as convent curators with the exciting new Benedict Project, it seems a good time to reflect. Unit Four of the Artists Shed (pictured above) was the shared space in which we extended our ideas of collaboration and began to play creatively with the art of furnishing. As we start to explore the new spaces at historic Benedict House, we look forward to pushing the boundaries of our philosophy: to salvage, collaborate and transform.

Image credit: Howie Tien from Fat Piegon Photography



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