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Calling all creative types! Now kicking off again is the Arts Support Group, open to all artists, designers, craftspeople and other individuals who are seeking to further their creative practice and processes.

The ASG is a free weekly meeting designed to support your arts practice, no matter how big or small. It’s a fellowship (of writers, painters, actors, film-makers, musicians, designers etc.) who share experiences, strengths and hopes with one another, in order to overcome common blocks and find pathways to flourishing. Our primary purpose is to encourage the expression of creativity and achieve artistic freedom.

This is a weekly meeting regularly held at the new Artists Shed, located next to Benedict House at 1 Thorpe Avenue Queanbeyan, NSW.

The group is inclusive of people to connect or reconnect with creative pursuits and is not limited to professionals. Please feel free to pass this to any that you think may benefit.

The next meeting will be Monday 4 August at 7- 8:30 pm. There’s no need to book but if you would like more information call our facilitator Jo Cresswell on 0420 769 449. If there is enough interest, we may also run meetings at our gallery space in Braddon, ACT – so let Jo know what you think

Hope to see you there!

Image credit: Alicia Kane’s marbled works – photo by Howie Tien of Fat Pigeon Photography

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