Find the secret studio: Clue 2


For those who have just tuned in, our secret studio/gallery in central Canberra will officially open next Thursday evening. Between now and Monday we’ll progressively release clues as to its whereabouts. The first ten people to decode our clues can claim an artful prize simply by visiting the space before then, for a sneak peak at our setup.

The search ends next Tuesday, when we will officially announce its location. Until then – happy sleuthing!

Second clue:

You’ll find us a cut, above.

So sneaky! And for those who missed it, the first clue was:

First clue

The street where our studio/ gallery is located is also the name of a now defunct British car manufacturer.

This new pop-up space will showcase some of the diverse work that members of our underground Artists Shed community have made over recent years. Alongside our own work we’ll be featuring the art of Alicia Kane, Dennis Mortimer, Ric Bennett and Ying Xhang.

Creative work from Unit 4, The Artists Shed, Queanbeyan

Photo by Howie Tien for Fat Pigeon Photography




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