From Katerina’s Kitchen

katerina's kitchen chairs

Recently friends came to visit. We were showing them around the Office when Jeff noticed two small, metal-framed chairs in the corner.

“Hey!” said he “That’s something I recognize. When I was growing up, those were our kitchen chairs. We ate dinner off those, every night!”

It’s nice to know that our collection sometimes speaks to people of the past – of moments sitting down with others, of talking, laughing, eating together.

In every piece we find, there are hidden marks and signs of the past – here the faint scuff marks of countless heels, there faint grooves worn by fingers, glasses, books or pastimes. Sometimes there are unexpected treasures hidden in the nooks and crannies, and at other times the treasures are found in the unlikely combinations of form and function – on these chairs, the hand-finished, curved wooden top piece contrasts so perfectly with their straight steel backs

I wish we knew more about the history of these chairs. These ones came to us as an unexpected gift from friends of the family. On her passing, Katerina had left behind a small assortment of furniture and we were given our pick of those items being donated to charity.

Although we had only been introduced a handful of times, Katerina was one of the more interesting older people we’ve met. She had survived both a World War and migration to Australia, raised a daughter and outlived a husband. So it was with pleasure that we took receipt of these two old chairs – missing parts, banged up and badly in need of refurbishment. But possessing a simple elegance we couldn’t help but love.

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