Fun-o-matic light machine

funky red blue lamp

The wild retro styling of this fabric reminds me that homewares really should be FUN. Bright, bold, individual and joy-inducing. Vibrant, optimistic and lovable!

Sadly, most homewares are none of these things. Clustered in the furnishing departments of countless shopping malls, most are misery-inducing for three main reasons: their lack of charm, their absence of originality and their disregard for human happiness.

Such items are absolutely no fun at all. Which is why we have said “Enough! No more malls! No more mass-produced misery! It’s time to put the Fun back into Furnishings!”

Since the Fun-o-Matic Light Machine came into existence, it has already caused more joy to visibly materialize here in the Office than ever before. We imagine that this effect could be contagious, which is why we are preparing to officially open the doors to all those in need of a little more happiness.

We have seen the future and it’s funky!

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